I discovered as a child that I was highly sensitive to drugs. (That sounds like more fun than the truth!) A couple of aspirin and I was out cold.

As an adult, I sought out what is labeled “alternative care” because I needed an option that would restore my health without knocking me flat.

As my career accelerated, I searched for practices that would help me keep my balance even in high heels. At the time, I thought stress was fuel, I believed fitness was wellness, and that sleep was a luxury I would indulge in later.

I rose to the top of my profession, and then stepped away (for love; no I do not believe that career and love are mutually exclusive, the deciding factor was a change in geography).

As I settled into a new routine, I was unhappy about some of the baggage I had brought to my new life. I “should” have been HAPPY and yet I was struggling. I tried to willpower my way forward, and felt blindsided by my failures. The stream of chatter in my head was ugly, as I berated myself for all that I was doing wrong.

At the time, I only had a vague notion that the majority of human behavior is determined by the subconscious mind (science puts the number at 95%!)

My life pivoted when I learned how easily I could change my mind. Literally (the fancy term is neuroplasticity). How I could stop thinking, believing, doing what was holding me back from joy.

The mind is amazing and if you know how to work with it, then life gets much easier.

What I have learned about how to tap into the inner mind and adjust that autopilot is the heart of the work I do today. Now I help others untangle their inner wiring ~ you upgrade your phone regularly, why not update your mind? Your mind is your most powerful computer.

The processes and practices that I provide and teach are safe, simple, fast, and backed by science. The focus is on quickly discerning and healing the root of the dis-ease.It’s like hiring a personal trainer for your mind. Clients find the experience both liberating and profoundly empowering. This aligns with my professional motto: you can stay in my life, but you cannot stay on my couch!

Aren’t you curious? It’s fascinating.

I am grateful to all of the dedicated and brilliant leaders who trained me.

My credentials are as follows:

Approved Rapid Transformational Therapist, Certified Hypnotherapist, trained by Marisa Peer, Founder, Rapid Transformational Therapy, (RTT)

Certified Clinical Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner (Tapping) trained by Dawson Church, Founder, EFT Universe

Certified Tapping into Wealth Expert Coach, Certified Transformational Coach (Chakra Mastery) trained by Margaret Lynch, Expert Coach

Reiki Master Teacher

Advanced Shiatsu Therapist, trained by Zen Shiatsu

Wellness Qigong Instructor, trained by Dr. Aihan Kuhn, CMD

Smith College B.A. Double Major: Philosophy and Economics

Corporate Career Highlights: For 18 exhilarating years I worked in Manhattan in fashion magazine publishing. I worked at Hearst, Cond´e Nast, and ultimately the ELLE Brand Group where I lead ELLE’s fashion advertising portfolio as VP/Associate Publisher of Fashion and Retail, and directed the business operations of the award winning start up ELLEgirl as VP/Publisher. Yes, I loved “The Devil Wears Prada”, and I know a thing or two about high level corporate sales and the stress that comes with your paycheck.