Your mind is yours to change.

This innovative hypnotherapy based process goes directly to the root of the issue. It’s the ideal therapy when you feel like you have tried everything, and your brilliant, analytical mind still feels stuck.

Or when your body is in pain, and is saying something your doctors can’t quite figure out.

Client’s love it because it’s fast and focused, and because transformation at the subconscious level is the key for lasting change.

The RTT session is the catalyst and the subsequent audio support and coaching create new neural pathways in your mind that make change feel easy and natural.

The RTT experience feels like deep relaxation, and you are always in control (no, I will not make you quack like a duck…it’s amazing how many people ask that!)

It may help you to know that if you have ever been deeply engrossed in a TV show and were startled when someone tapped your shoulder, you have been in the same state of hypnotic trance. In this relaxed state, your mind is highly suggestible ~ this explains why advertising images and jingles get stuck in your mind!

We access this state of mind to delete old, outdated programming that you have outgrown, and replace it with positive, empowering messages that you create about the future you desire. You can consider this a software update in your mind.

To give two simple examples: you do not wear the clothes you wore in high school (thank heaven!) and you no longer believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy. You have outgrown these things.

Don’t let your mind get stuck in the past! It’s time for an update.

The RTT formula for rapid resolution of issues is the outcome of Marisa Peer’s 30+ years as a therapist. Her success rate earned her recognition as Britain’s Top Therapist, and an elite clientele of rockstars and royalty (clients who can afford to seek out the best). RTT is an award winning therapy that is setting a new standard in healthcare. As early as 1958, the American Medical Association approved hypnosis as an effective and legitimate modality for change.

Connect with me on a complimentary consult and I will send you a Free Audio for Deep Relaxation.

Love the energy…

“Just listened to it and I absolutely love it! Love the energy I feel in your voice Jeanne. Thank you so much you are a goddess!!!!”

Ara K

This is amazing…

“OMG. This is amazing. Thank you. Thank you!! I’ve listened to it twice now. Actually three times, but once was as I was falling into a deep sleep. I love it. I don’t know how long it is and I don’t care, I love it just as it is!  Thank you again.”

Sun B

#3 Presenting Issue: Not Feeling Enough

“I think the best way to describe the work that Jeanne has taught me is to have a deeper knowledge of my inner self. I have been shocked by the immediate change in myself after just one session with Jeanne. How do I know there is a change- It is physical- when you connect with and pull all the pieces of your life back together to feel whole – you do feel like a puzzle that been completed. Now you will not be a whole person in one session, but you will begin to understand yourself better and what makes you a full and complete happy person. The best thing about her therapy is that this is not traditional therapy where you will plan on being in it for YEARS!! She wants to give you the tools for you to come to her as needed but that you can also work on things on your own so you are empowered to continue your growth. Also, I can’t begin to talk about how many people have said that I look different since I have begun the work. Whether we are aware or not our sadness/pain/joy/etc show in our bodies and the body language we subconsciously put out there, and the fact that random people have said that means that the deep work is clearly at a core level changing me. An unknown bonus that I wasn’t expecting to receive was the joy of knowing that I have someone who truly, whole-hearted wants nothing but the BEST for me all the time. To know completely that this wonderful person is in my corner without judgment and nothing but love and open arms is such a joy and indisputably the greatest add-on to her work. In the shortest words possible- you would be doing yourself a disservice to not work with Jeanne as the inner peace and clarity that we all need in our chaotic and hectic lives, can be achieved through your time with her. And we all could use a little more love and good vibes in this world!”

Alexis M

#1 Presenting Issue: Fibromyalgia

“I attended a seminar on Qigong where I met Jeanne Steen and discovered that she was an RTT practitioner. After reading about this modality I scheduled an appointment with her and that began my healing journey. I couldn’t have asked for a more empathetic, insightful, and kind therapist. Jeanne has facilitated my transformation from over twenty years of Fibromyalgia pain and fatigue to no pain and abounding energy. Each day I wake up with new energy and move through my day with purpose and joy. During the therapy session I had the sensation of floating matched by a calmness which made me feel very relaxed. Jeanne has a gift for this therapy. She helped me unravel the thoughts that my fibro pain clung to for so many years. Now that I have returned to wellness I can’t explain in words how very grateful I am to Jeanne. My trust and confidence in her resulted in my referring friends who I know she can help. Jeanne Steen can help you transform as well. RTT was a lifesaver for me.”

Mary N.

Life changing for me…

“Thank you for EVERYTHING. I was able to relax … and really be present. You have helped me so much. I am forever grateful for you. Destroying negative patterning, letting go of past hurts, your work has been life changing for me.”

Katelyn S.

Her work helps enable me to grow…

“I originally scheduled an appointment with Jeanne for help managing my stress, little did I know I was scheduling an appointment with my future friend, guide and mentor. Jeanne offers so much more than counseling, she offers expertise in an array of studies. She enables you to become the solver of your own problems. This isn’t a simple therapist that set’s a timer and stops you mid-sentence because “your time is up”. Nor does she string you along so you become dependent upon sessions with her, forever feeling you’re on a hamster wheel. She offers you a way to reclaim your own power.  She actively listens during your sessions so you know you’re talking TO someone, not just AT someone and she follows up with little scripts to help you grow outside of her office. She helps set you up to win- it’s that simple. Her calm demeanor and soothing voice instantly dispel any worries from your day so you can focus on what you need to achieve in your session. To me, her work helps enable me to grow into the person I am supposed to be. She creates such an open and safe environment and shows up so authentically that it allows room for you to show up as you. I feel so blessed to have met such an impactful and wonderful soul as she. The liberty of leading a life full of passion is something I would not have known if it weren’t for Jeanne Steen. I feel forever blessed to have her in my life.”

Hayley H

#2 Presenting Issue: Professional Procrastination

“When I met Jeanne I knew I had to work with her. Her explanation of rapid transformational therapy and what it has done for her and her clients seemed like a missing piece on my healing journey. I loved the idea of a targeted focus on moving through old stories and blocks keeping me from what I truly wanted. Jeanne has such a calming, joyful presence and you can’t help but feel at ease during your sessions. I feel equipped now with new tools and relieved of old beliefs that were keeping me stuck and playing out old patterns. I went in focusing on blocks I felt with career and business. I had wanted to make some shifts but felt that I was running in circles with too many ideas and not enough focus. I also wanted to start selling online products and courses to supplement one-on-one client work. Within just a few weeks of working with Jeanne I have successfully sold copies of an ebook online and narrowed my focus to my first program with an interested audience. Having the conversation with my subconscious helped me understand and release the reasons I was playing out certain patterns. I have a deeper understanding and compassion for myself and whenever old feelings start to creep in I have the personalized audio recordings to listen back. I am grateful to have met Jeanne and gone through the RTT program. Jeanne truly is a healing genie!”

Krista K