Reiki is a heart centered practice for healing, inner peace and personal growth.

Reiki is a holistic healing practice. It is a technique for stress reduction and deep relaxation that fosters the body’s natural ability to heal.

It is used in hundreds of hospitals.

A Reiki session induces a state of deep rest.

After a session clients report feeling:

  • refreshed … in body, mind and spirit
  • less tension …mental, emotional and physical
  • balanced
  • mentally clear …like the brain fog has lifted
  • creative
  • soothed

At the advanced level, Reiki moves beyond a hands on experience and can be shared from a distance.

After giving private sessions for several years, I stepped up to teach this simple, soothing practice. Absolutely anyone can learn Reiki quickly and easily, and if everyone did the world would be a more peaceful place.

The heart of Reiki is a simple self care routine. Its a practice that restores you to your best self in a matter of minutes.

Learning Reiki has the empowering benefit of giving you something to offer yourself and others when life hurts.

For example, I brought it to a funeral when I had no words for the pain. I assisted a friend through her cancer surgeries. I comforted my beloved dog through his last months, and myself when he departed.

You do not need to ever become a professional healer to be a healing presence.

For professional healers, Reiki offers a chance to work deeply without becoming drained.

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Thankful for the Reiki training…

“Just knowing that I possess a tool which enables me calm myself and others (including pets) is a major reason I am thankful for the Reiki training I have received.”

Pat W.

One of the best healing practices…

“Reiki is one of the best healing practices for developing your empathic and intuitive abilities.”

Mary H

Reiki has made it much easier…

“Reiki has made it much easier for me to live my life more from my heart.”

Alyssa B.

A way to help find focus…

“Reiki training has given me a way to help find focus and be present. Reiki has given me a peaceful method for self care. Reiki has helped center my intentions for my clients and family. “

Jayne A., PT, MSPT, ATC, B