Reiki is a heart centered practice for healing, inner peace and personal growth.

Reiki is a holistic healing practice. It is a technique for stress reduction and deep relaxation that fosters the body’s natural ability to heal.

It is used in hundreds of hospitals.

A Reiki session induces a state of deep rest.

After a session clients report feeling:

  • refreshed … in body, mind and spirit
  • less tension …mental, emotional and physical
  • balanced
  • mentally clear …like the brain fog has lifted
  • creative
  • soothed

At the advanced level, Reiki moves beyond a hands on experience and can be shared from a distance.

After giving private sessions for several years, I stepped up to teach this simple, soothing practice. Absolutely anyone can learn Reiki quickly and easily, and if everyone did the world would be a more peaceful place.

The heart of Reiki is a simple self care routine. Its a practice that restores you to your best self in a matter of minutes.

Learning Reiki has the empowering benefit of giving you something to offer yourself and others when life hurts.

For example, I brought it to a funeral when I had no words for the pain. I assisted a friend through her cancer surgeries. I comforted my beloved dog through his last months, and myself when he departed.

For your Free print out of the powerful principles at the heart of Reiki, click here, and to learn why the founder of Reiki called this “the secret art of inviting happiness, the miraculous medicine of all diseases” read my blog.

You do not need to ever become a professional healer to be a healing presence.

For professional healers, Reiki offers a chance to work deeply without becoming drained.

To receive notifications of the on-going training schedule, please click here. Continuing education units are available for professionals.

A way to help find focus…

“Reiki training has given me a way to help find focus and be present. Reiki has given me a peaceful method for self care. Reiki has helped center my intentions for my clients and family. “

Jayne A., PT, MSPT, ATC, B

Thankful for the Reiki training…

“Just knowing that I possess a tool which enables me calm myself and others (including pets) is a major reason I am thankful for the Reiki training I have received.”

Pat W.

Making what you teach so learnable!

“I really learned a lot from both your recent classes about word usage and tapping, and for adding Reiki to my life. All three have made a highly significant contribution to my well-being and those with whom I interact. Thanks for all the work and love you put into making what you teach so learnable!”


Awesome experience!

“I wasn’t going to take this class, I have been exposed to Reiki previously and it was just OK. Jeanne was warm and wonderful. I am certain I will be taking more of her classes! Awesome experience!”

Reiki Student

One of the best healing practices…

“Reiki is one of the best healing practices for developing your empathic and intuitive abilities.”

Mary H

Reiki has made it much easier…

“Reiki has made it much easier for me to live my life more from my heart.”

Alyssa B.

So very grateful…

“Jeanne presented the material incredibly. So very grateful to have Reiki Level 1.”

Reiki Student


“Wonderful learning experience, thank you!”

Reiki Student