Many people are confused about what Reiki really is.

  • Is it a hands on healing technique?
  • Is it a personal improvement practice to guide you to inner peace?
  • Is it a self-care routine?
  • Is it the energy that flows through all things?

Yes. Reiki is all of those things.

It is a simple practice with profound depth. So easy to learn, so rich to explore, and so beautiful to share.

Receiving a Reiki treatment can help you deeply rest your weary body and mind, replenish your energy, regain mental clarity and soothe your soul.

Reiki training imparts the methods of this natural healing practice so that you can engage in your own well-being, and support others in need.

That’s empowering. 🌟

Anyone can easily learn Reiki, and share the benefits with those you care about, without needing to become a professional healer (you become a healing presence!)

Professional healers value Reiki’s simplicity and power, the ease with which they can layer it into their healing portfolio, and the restorative self-care benefits.

Reiki training is taught in four levels: Level 1, Level 2, Master/Mystery Level, Teacher.

Each training is 6 hours; you can find the current schedule under “Events”. If the dates listed do not align with your life, please be in touch and we will see what we can design.

To support students on their path, I have created a Transformational Reiki Journal! Like any good planner, it has daily pages for practice notes and reflections, and is full of practical tips. You can find it on Amazon.

A good tool to use…

“I bought your Reiki Journal and used it last night. I think it will be a good tool to use particularly when I’m going through a challenging situation while doing Reiki. It’s always great to have another resource when working on my spiritual journey.”

Tom W
April 28, 2022

The Reiki Training Path

Reiki Level 1 Training

Reiki is a natural method for healing that has been safely practiced for over 100 years.

Reiki positively affects the subtle energy that flows through all living things, restoring balance to the body, mind and spirit.

Level 1 training introduces students to the core elements of the Reiki system:

  1. Self-care: you will learn a simple daily routine that replenishes your energy, restores mental clarity and resets your body’s nervous system out of stress response.
  2. Healing: this is a healer’s art acknowledged by over 800 hospitals; you will learn how to give a Reiki treatment and/or add it to your existing healing practice.
  3. Growth: a personal growth path for self improvement, and spiritual development.
  4. Energy Healing: each student receives a personal energy attunement

You will also learn Reiki’s history from its Japanese roots to today, and the foundational principles that anchor this beautiful practice. Just this step alone is transformational.

You can find a copy of the Reiki Principles here.

Reiki Level 2 Training

Reiki Level 2 expands the Reiki practitioner’s tool kit.

Level 2 introduces students to three powerful tools, known as “Reiki Symbols”. Each Symbol has specific applications to deepen healing of the physical body, the emotional heart, and the wounded soul. This is a very practical class. During this training students learn and practice techniques for the use of each Symbol, including the Distant Symbol which allows for healing beyond the practitioner’s physical touch.

Students also receive a second energy healing attunement.

Pre-requisite for this training: Reiki Level 1.

Reiki Level 3 Training, Master/Mystery Level

Reiki Level 3 deepens the Reiki practitioner’s connection to Reiki as a personal development path.

Level 3 introduces students to a fourth Reiki Symbol, along with techniques and practices to support connection to the spark of the divine within. This class returns to Reiki’s roots as Usui Mikao, Reiki’s founder, taught spiritual development with the goal of Enlightenment, of Oneness. Students will learn and practice techniques shared by a Japanese Reiki Master trained in the original Reiki Society.

The focus of this training is the opportunity within the Reiki system to do the inner work that fosters a profound sense of connection and purpose. As your Reiki practice expands beyond the treatment room, life becomes richer and more peaceful.

Additionally, this work is the key to strengthening and improving your Reiki sessions. Consistent inner work enhances the practitioner’s capacity to offer a powerful treatment to others, so it is a virtuous cycle.

Students receive a third energy healing attunement.

This training also includes a beautiful practice involving the use of crystals; they are not a necessary element of Reiki, but crystals amplify energy, and this non-traditional technique is worth learning.

Pre-requisite for this training: Reiki Level 2.

Teacher Level Training

Deciding to teach Reiki is a calling. It will deepen and expand your connection to this practice as it challenges you to be worthy of the responsibility of teaching. Each and every class will include questions you may not yet have thought of, students who quickly grasp the material, students who struggle, and of course skepticism and those who only seek CEUs...and also, those who blossom before your eyes into such beauty you may feel challenged not to cry.

In this training, it is my intention and responsibility to prepare you as best as I can with guidance on:

  • structuring classes at all levels
  • my resources and materials to teach
  • how to answer questions
  • how to give an energy healing attunement.
  • online and in person teaching.

Out of respect for Reiki, I request that all interested students reach out to me directly to discuss whether this step is right for you. I am not going to quiz you, I am doing my first step in preparing you.

I know that you know this, but choosing to teach is making a personal commitment to lifelong learning, and it is wonderful road ahead; hooray you for even considering this path!

Pre-requisite: Master Level Reiki training, know your Reiki Symbols

Reiki Principles