Ways to work together…

One to One Sessions

Let’s talk! We’ll connect via phone or Zoom, and talk through your goals and set a strategy.  There is no charge for this conversation; it’s invaluable as it insures that our first session is targeted and productive, which sets us up for success.



Connect from the comfort and privacy of your own environment.  With Zoom’s efficient and effective video conferencing, it’s easy to connect with clients anywhere in the world.

I also see clients and teach in downtown Chicago, IL.

Speaking Engagements

Motivate your team, add productivity training to a corporate event or gather your community for an illuminating talk with actionable takeaways.  I host… or deliver… all day trainings or deliver 60 minutes of magic.

Popular Talks

  • The Rules of the Mind
  • The Power of Words
  • How to Conquer a Craving
  • Money Blocks? Break free!
  • Outrageous Goals
  • Reiki Training