In need of a “Rapid Reset”?

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So many of my clients lead full lives with lots of responsibility … and sometimes that can feel overwhelming. They asked for a simple way to feel more centered and present.

Something that was:

  • easy
  • fast
  • effective
  • enjoyable

I created this guided relaxation audio, “Rapid Reset” and the response has been wonderful!

Clients use it as:

  • “a foundational tool to start my day”
  • “a middle of the day reset” (it’s only 11 minutes!)
  • “a way to unwind at the end of the workday and shift gears into personal time”
  • “a way to cleanse the stress of the day and sleeeeeeep”

They love how easily just listening helps them:

  • feel refreshed
  • think more clearly

As they clear stress and release tension in their mind and body.

If you are looking for a simple tool that you can just download into your phone and access anytime anywhere to rapidly reset yourself to the best version of you, I encourage you to help yourself to this audio.


As a Board Certified Stress Management Consultant, sharing simple tools like this is how I support my clients to live their best lives.

and I am often told that my calm, soothing voice helps even the most tense clients let go to a deeper level of relaxation than they have ever accessed before 🙂



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