You know how you feel when you are overwhelmed and stressed – anxious, tense, unable to think clearly?

And you feel it in your body – your stomach hurts, your head aches. and your breathing is shallow.

You can tap your way out of that in a matter of minutes.

I teach all of my clients this easy to learn technique because it’s fast, effective and portable. Many of my clients consider it their super power.

With this tool you can respond thoughtfully to life rather than react emotionally.

It’s a potent combination of acupressure and modern psychology that is supported by numerous clinical research trails (researchers measure significant drops in the stress hormone cortisol).

My clients use tapping to achieve a variety of goals:

  • everyday stress reduction and resourcefulness, learn to stay calm and centered no matter what life throws at you.
  • freedom from limiting beliefs that sabotage your success and happiness.
  • freedom to bring your brilliant brain to work (rather than get your best ideas in the shower!)
  • freedom from addictive behavior (my favorite training is “How to Conquer a Food Craving”)
  • freedom from emotions that contribute to physical pain.
  • release past trauma (clinical research trials involving Vets with PTSD showed dramatic recovery)

In the recent documentary “Proven. Healing Breakthroughs Backed by Science”, EFT Tapping was the #1 ranked method to reduce stress based; because it delivers fast results, is easy to do anywhere anytime, and scientific research backs it up.

Tapping is definitely an integral piece…

“Since we last met, life continues to amaze me and the tapping is definitely an integral piece to that growth and change!”

Brian G

You seemed to intuitively understand what was going on…

“Working with you, I discovered that I had lots of unresolved and unacknowledged issues that came from past failed relationships. I had forgiven and moved on, but never fully acknowledged what had happened and how it damaged me. To avoid further pain I’d also built some pretty strong walls that effectively kept love out. After a lot of tears and tapping, I began to see that I was opening to love… From the moment we met, I felt safe and wrapped in warmth and love. You seemed not only to hear me audibly, but you seemed to intuitively understand what was going on with me, which made the tapping we did effective. I felt authentically cared for during the entire process. Tapping was miraculous for me.  It cleared structural debris that was sitting in my body and in my head. I have been recommending EFT to all my friends since I started.”

Cheryl B.

In one appointment, we were able to narrow down…

“I made my first appt with Jeanne to change my relationship with food. I had bad habits that were self-sabotaging and I wasn’t succeeding at making the changes myself. I was open to the idea of EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques (tapping) – to change my relationship with food mainly because it sounded so absurd. A big part of me was skeptical. In one appointment, we were able to narrow down to the exact reason specific foods triggered emotional and physical reactions. Even I was in disbelief of the changes that were happening inside of me. I had just experienced something that I wouldn’t have believed if I hadn’t actually experienced it myself. Tapping is like magic only better. Walking out of that appointment, I literally felt lighter. I left behind old habits, old triggers, old stressors, old reactions, and old baggage. I stepped into a new chapter of my life the moment I left that appointment.”


Chloe M

Jeannie also gave me a sense of empowerment…

Jeannie is an intentional, intuitive, and skilled healer.She is a true master at her craft. Jeannie shows up in her own vulnerability, and walks the journey of healing alongside you. I have seen Jeannie throughout the years for guidance with interpersonal disharmonies, dysfunctional family dynamics, and PTSD.

I have struggled with low self worth and low self confidence my entire life. The way my mother and sisters’ talked to me and to each other only reinforced the idea that I was not enough. I grew up believing I was ugly and this belief system bled into my adult life. I developed an eating disorder, and severe acne that plagued my face and my self worth. Jeannie did a series of EFT and hypnosis therapy around this complex topic and not only did my skin clear up significantly,I felt more integrated in my body, mind and spirit. Through this integration, I started exploring the concept of self love, that I continue to explore and grow into to this day.

Every family has its problems and my family definitely has issues! Jeannie has helped me process current and past hurts, she has taught me techniques and skills that eliminate my trigger responses, and she has helped me create healthy boundaries with my family members. With Jeannie’s help, I am able to honor each family member’s path and bless them on their own way. It is a forever practice, but Jeannie helps me stay dedicated to my own self growth.

Lastly, Jeannie has helped me process a very traumatic event in my life, where I truly felt like my well being/life was at risk. I suffered with flashbacks, full body responses (constant shaking) insomnia, and paranoia post-event. After two sessions with Jeannie, I now acknowledge the event, but I no longer feel like it is intertwined in my nervous system – there is more space between me and the memory which has allowed me to feel more freedom to be myself again. I know this event permanently left its mark on me, but Jeannie also gave me a sense of empowerment for surviving the event. She also gave me many skills, and techniques to keep my nervous system calm if I ever do feel triggers around this event again, and she also gave me practical advice and strategies to keep myself safe.

Jeannie is awesome! I will continue to trust her to hold space for me as I move through this lifetime. Life is full of ups and downs, and it is so wonderful to have Jeannie in my life to celebrate the ups and support me during the downs.

Katelyn Steen

So tuned in and nail what’s needed…

“It’s hard to say what touches me more when working with Jeanne – her almost eerie ability to be so tuned in and nail what’s needed every single time, or her ever present support. I’m speechless by the shifts I’ve made in how I show up in my relationships and career, and how I manage my finances. Jeanne is the best tool you can have when you are ready to do the hard work of being the person you want to show up in the world as. When you couple a sharp mind with innate energy and healing talent– I believe it can change the world, and Jeanne’s got both.”

Rachel H