Transformational Reiki Journal: a daily planner to inspire and support your self-practice.

Through my years of teaching and practicing Reiki, I have observed:

  • Practicing Reiki daily is transformational!
  • Committing to daily practice can initially be… challenging.
  • Once you get started…really grounded in a daily practice…it is easy to maintain because the positive benefits are so evident!

As you slip into that beautiful state of profound rest, your mind, your body, your whole being relaxes so deeply that you re-emerge refreshed, as Reiki restores balance, harmony and flow.

Are you inspired to develop a daily Reiki practice, yet feel stuck starting or staying consistent? (In your heart, you are drawn to this transformational practice…yet days slide by without practicing and you are starting to feel less confident).

Are you on a personal growth journey; do you aspire to let your best self shine?

Are you a Reiki Teacher looking for a supportive practice resource for your students?

This Transformational Reiki Journal is designed for you!

I wanted to find a way to offer support that feels like a daily invitation, and is a solid self-practice anchor that you can connect with anytime, anywhere. I realized that online practice classes never suit Everyone’s schedule, and email reminders or texts easily get lost in the shuffle.

This daily journal helps you stay on track! And writing down all of the positive benefits of daily practice inspires you to keep practicing!

Here is what you will find inside:

  • 10 weeks of practice support to help you establish a solid practice routine
  • Daily practice pages to journal about your experiences, with prompts to guide you
  • Daily practice pages to record your insights and inspirations!
  • Weekly practice tips to support and deepen your practice
  • Weekly Gratitude pages to elevate your energy!
  • Plenty of space to chronicle your evolving Reiki journey; 170 B/W pages in an 8″ x 10″ format

I am excited to share it with you!

May this journal deepen your connection to Reiki and transform your life.

A good tool to use…

“I bought your Reiki Journal and used it last night. I think it will be a good tool to use particularly when I’m going through a challenging situation while doing Reiki. It’s always great to have another resource when working on my spiritual journey.”

Tom W
April 28, 2022