This isn’t traditional talk therapy, I do things differently. It’s about understanding your mind, understanding what happens to your brain (and body) when you are triggered into stress, and tools you can use to reset and feel free.

Clients tend to find the work fascinating. I do! The mind is amazing and if you know how to work with it life gets easier.

Our sessions will be catalysts for change, and as we work together, you’ll learn empowering new life skills.  Simple, portable, powerful techniques that enable you to feel calm, clear headed and capable regardless of circumstances.

It’s like hiring a personal trainer for your mind.

My clients

  • Break habits and patterns that frustrate and block them
  • Restore balance ~ to their bodies, their relationships, their lives
  • Renew their energy
  • Reconnect to themselves, and feel more present, confident and empowered to take action

Even the most successful among us have room to grow; we have goals and dreams that are calling us to live a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life.

What do you aspire to?

Key Areas of Focus

  • Confidence!
  • Conquer Procrastination/Self Sabotage
  • Upgrade your inner Wealth Wiring.
  • Insomnia
  • Break that Addictive Habit (Food, Shopping, Smoking)
  • Weight Loss and Body Confidence
  • Well- Being, support a physical health challenge.
  • Overworking and overwhelmed
  • Creative excellence
  • Recover from a Narcissistic Relationship

There is a clear, step by step path forward for positive, transformational change:

You > Calm > Clarity > Transformation > Freedom > YOU {more dazzling} > Empowered Action

As I guide my clients through this transformative process and they release the tension that is gripping their body, mind, face, and heart, they look and feel lighter. You can, too. It’s all possible.