Qigong is an energy cultivation practice with roots in ancient China; “Qi = energy” and “gong = practice”.

Like yoga, Qigong is a simple sequence of movements carefully designed to support your total well-being. Through low impact movements you restore balance and flow to your energy. It is a holistic exercise program that you can practice throughout your life, that will help you age with vitality and grace.

Regular Qigong practice can:

  • release tension, physical and mental
  • reduce stress
  • improve your sleep
  • balance your energy
  • increase your range of motion and provide relief from pain, stiffness and old injuries
  • improve your balance
  • support your immune system and the health and vitality of your internal organs

Qigong is one of the Pillars of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The sequence of movements I teach was designed by Chinese Doctors at the University of Sports Medicine in Shanghai, China.

Classes and workshops are taught regularly around Chicago. Sign up here to stay informed about current and upcoming trainings.

Open your body > Calm your mind > Balance your energy > Feel refreshed in mind, body and spirit

What a gifted healer!

“I first met Jeanne while attending her Qigong classes and found her to be a wonderful teacher. She understands that each student is unique, we all have varied levels of knowledge and experience concerning Qigong. Jeanne creates a connection with the entire class, explaining each movement, meaning and benefit on many levels including physical, energetic and Spiritual. I’ve also received energy work and hypnotherapy from her as well. What a gifted healer! She is super-compassionate and openly shares her wisdom. Plus she is a lot of fun to be around. I’ve experienced many benefits from Jeanne’s work and highly recommend her as a teacher and healer.”

Mary P.