“When I met Jeanne I knew I had to work with her. Her explanation of rapid transformational therapy and what it has done for her and her clients seemed like a missing piece on my healing journey. I loved the idea of a targeted focus on moving through old stories and blocks keeping me from what I truly wanted. Jeanne has such a calming, joyful presence and you can’t help but feel at ease during your sessions. I feel equipped now with new tools and relieved of old beliefs that were keeping me stuck and playing out old patterns. I went in focusing on blocks I felt with career and business. I had wanted to make some shifts but felt that I was running in circles with too many ideas and not enough focus. I also wanted to start selling online products and courses to supplement one-on-one client work. Within just a few weeks of working with Jeanne I have successfully sold copies of an ebook online and narrowed my focus to my first program with an interested audience. Having the conversation with my subconscious helped me understand and release the reasons I was playing out certain patterns. I have a deeper understanding and compassion for myself and whenever old feelings start to creep in I have the personalized audio recordings to listen back. I am grateful to have met Jeanne and gone through the RTT program. Jeanne truly is a healing genie!”