“I think the best way to describe the work that Jeanne has taught me is to have a deeper knowledge of my inner self. I have been shocked by the immediate change in myself after just one session with Jeanne. How do I know there is a change- It is physical- when you connect with and pull all the pieces of your life back together to feel whole – you do feel like a puzzle that been completed. Now you will not be a whole person in one session, but you will begin to understand yourself better and what makes you a full and complete happy person. The best thing about her therapy is that this is not traditional therapy where you will plan on being in it for YEARS!! She wants to give you the tools for you to come to her as needed but that you can also work on things on your own so you are empowered to continue your growth. Also, I can’t begin to talk about how many people have said that I look different since I have begun the work. Whether we are aware or not our sadness/pain/joy/etc show in our bodies and the body language we subconsciously put out there, and the fact that random people have said that means that the deep work is clearly at a core level changing me. An unknown bonus that I wasn’t expecting to receive was the joy of knowing that I have someone who truly, whole-hearted wants nothing but the BEST for me all the time. To know completely that this wonderful person is in my corner without judgment and nothing but love and open arms is such a joy and indisputably the greatest add-on to her work. In the shortest words possible- you would be doing yourself a disservice to not work with Jeanne as the inner peace and clarity that we all need in our chaotic and hectic lives, can be achieved through your time with her. And we all could use a little more love and good vibes in this world!”