Jeannie is an intentional, intuitive, and skilled healer.She is a true master at her craft. Jeannie shows up in her own vulnerability, and walks the journey of healing alongside you. I have seen Jeannie throughout the years for guidance with interpersonal disharmonies, dysfunctional family dynamics, and PTSD.

I have struggled with low self worth and low self confidence my entire life. The way my mother and sisters’ talked to me and to each other only reinforced the idea that I was not enough. I grew up believing I was ugly and this belief system bled into my adult life. I developed an eating disorder, and severe acne that plagued my face and my self worth. Jeannie did a series of EFT and hypnosis therapy around this complex topic and not only did my skin clear up significantly,I felt more integrated in my body, mind and spirit. Through this integration, I started exploring the concept of self love, that I continue to explore and grow into to this day.

Every family has its problems and my family definitely has issues! Jeannie has helped me process current and past hurts, she has taught me techniques and skills that eliminate my trigger responses, and she has helped me create healthy boundaries with my family members. With Jeannie’s help, I am able to honor each family member’s path and bless them on their own way. It is a forever practice, but Jeannie helps me stay dedicated to my own self growth.

Lastly, Jeannie has helped me process a very traumatic event in my life, where I truly felt like my well being/life was at risk. I suffered with flashbacks, full body responses (constant shaking) insomnia, and paranoia post-event. After two sessions with Jeannie, I now acknowledge the event, but I no longer feel like it is intertwined in my nervous system – there is more space between me and the memory which has allowed me to feel more freedom to be myself again. I know this event permanently left its mark on me, but Jeannie also gave me a sense of empowerment for surviving the event. She also gave me many skills, and techniques to keep my nervous system calm if I ever do feel triggers around this event again, and she also gave me practical advice and strategies to keep myself safe.

Jeannie is awesome! I will continue to trust her to hold space for me as I move through this lifetime. Life is full of ups and downs, and it is so wonderful to have Jeannie in my life to celebrate the ups and support me during the downs.