“I originally scheduled an appointment with Jeanne for help managing my stress, little did I know I was scheduling an appointment with my future friend, guide and mentor. Jeanne offers so much more than counseling, she offers expertise in an array of studies. She enables you to become the solver of your own problems. This isn’t a simple therapist that set’s a timer and stops you mid-sentence because “your time is up”. Nor does she string you along so you become dependent upon sessions with her, forever feeling you’re on a hamster wheel. She offers you a way to reclaim your own power.  She actively listens during your sessions so you know you’re talking TO someone, not just AT someone and she follows up with little scripts to help you grow outside of her office. She helps set you up to win- it’s that simple. Her calm demeanor and soothing voice instantly dispel any worries from your day so you can focus on what you need to achieve in your session. To me, her work helps enable me to grow into the person I am supposed to be. She creates such an open and safe environment and shows up so authentically that it allows room for you to show up as you. I feel so blessed to have met such an impactful and wonderful soul as she. The liberty of leading a life full of passion is something I would not have known if it weren’t for Jeanne Steen. I feel forever blessed to have her in my life.”