I came to Jeanne with two challenges that turned out to be tangled together: chronic migraines (around 12 a month) and a trauma bond with an abusive soon-to-be-ex. My two hypnotherapy sessions, combined with the personalized RTT’s and Jeanne’s follow-up support, were exactly the supportive package I needed to get me through my divorce and to become MIGRAINE-FREE! With Jeanne, you’ll find a level of intuition and skill that really makes you feel held and achieves results, packaged in a casual, comforting approach that puts you right at ease. It was such a unique experience, with the benefits you’d get from months of therapy, but without that weighed down feeling that usually comes with reliving everything. It felt a lot more like how you feel after getting a really good massage. Now, when I think about my chronic migraines, which I’d suffered with for years and expected to continue forever, I just think, nah, those aren’t for me anymore. And when I think about the abusive ex, I just find his behavior annoying, like a gnat, and strangely (but delightfully!), kind of boring. I have access to a lightness within me that I so rarely felt before. Truly, this was such a life-giving, life-changing experience! Thank you, Jeanne! Grateful for you! ❤