I have had this ridiculous habit of biting the inside of my mouth since I was young. I know it may not sound like a big problem, but oral cancer is in fact a concern as you have a constant sore in your mouth. I tried traditional hypnosis once for it in the past, even taping the session, but it would never work for more than a month.

I inquired if this was something Jeanne felt she could help me with and she confirmed she could. It is a fascinating process that includes a meditation component but it is much larger than that. Her approach helped me to see where the root of this habit started and take control over it, versus it having control over me.She spends a lot of time with you with the initial intake, the long session and then weekly check-ins.

She provides you with a personalized meditation tape after your long session which is like a gigantic bundle of love, affirmation and confirms the new! The personalized meditation tape was truly amazing. The habit that I did have for over 40 years is gone. There is not even a tread of desire left. Zippo, nada, gone.

I cannot encourage working with Jeanne enough. She is truly unique in her approach and is so committed to her clients.
She is pure joy to work with and so easy to recommend. Try her magic, you are worth it.