Reiki is a holistic, heart centered practice for inner peace, healing, and personal growth.

Classes are open to everyone, not just professional healers.

For professional healers, Reiki offers a chance to work deeply without becoming drained. Professional Continuing Education credits are available. (CEUs)

There are four levels to Reiki training: Foundation Level 1, Professional Level 2, Master Level 3, Teacher Level 4.

Current classes are planned as 100% online or a hybrid with an optional in-person energy healing (with masks and physical distancing). The format for future classes is evolving with the times.

Happily, Zoom works beautifully! And distant energy healings make classes available to students who do not live near Chicago, or those who prefer to limit contact at this time.

To reserve your space please contact me directly at

❤ If you have heard about Reiki’s benefits and are curious about training, I suggest that you consider scheduling a personal Reiki session to experience the power and potential of Reiki for yourself. You can schedule a session with me at When you experience how it feels (inner calm), and know that you can easily learn to do this for yourself and those you care about, it all makes sense!

Foundation Level One ~ Helping those you love, starting with you!

This powerful introduction to this beautiful practice introduces a simple technique for stress reduction and deep relaxation that fosters the body’s natural ability to heal.

Course content:

  • learn how to easily restore healthy balance to a stressed out body, mind, spirit.
  • learn a simple daily routine to support your emotional balance and physical wellness (and takes just 20 minutes or less!).
  • learn how to give a restorative Reiki session to friends, loved ones, even pets!
  • receive an energy healing that initiates a holistic cleanse (attunement)
  • learn the history and core principles of Reiki

Prerequisite: Open to everyone! You do not need to be a professional healer to be a healing presence.

Current Dates Reiki Level 1

2 Classes via Zoom
Monday, October 26 and November 2, 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm.
Personal Energy Healing Attunements Scheduled by Appointment (in-person or via Zoom).
6 CEUs for Professionals
Investment: $150

Professional Level Two ~ The Healer’s Toolkit

Power up! Expand your toolkit and up your ability to work with more energy in a targeted way. Level 2 deepens your Reiki practice through tools (known as the Reiki Symbols) and techniques that amplify your skills and strengthen your Reiki connection.

Course content:

  • learn the specific protocol for distant healing (rooted in Quantum Physics)
  • learn a specific tool to calm mental stress and restore emotional balance
  • learn a specific tool that adds power to your ability to alleviate physical pain
  • receive a second energy healing (attunement) that deepens your connection to Reiki.

Prerequisite for Level 2: Completion of any Reiki Level 1 course, taught by me or another Reiki Master Teacher.

Current Dates Reiki Level 2

2 Classes via Zoom
Monday, November 30 and December 7, 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm.
Personal Energy Healing Attunements Scheduled by Appointment (in-person or Zoom).
6 CEUs for Professionals
Investment: $275

Master Level 3 ~ Your Personal Development Path

Strengthen your skills as a healer as Reiki guides you to deeper levels of personal healing.

Course content:

  • receive a third energy healing (attunement)
  • learn specific daily practices that support Anshin Ritsumei, a state of inner peace from which to live your life purpose.
  • learn to create a powerful Reiki Crystal Grid; a beautiful practice from William Rand’s lineage.

Prerequisite for Master Level 3: Completion of any Reiki Level 2 course, taught by me or another Reiki Master Teacher.

Current Dates Reiki Level 3

Dates to be determined. Please email your interest to
Energy Healing Attunement by appointment by Zoom or in-person
6 CEUs
Investment: $375
Please reach out if you are interested in a class but the date does not work for you.

This is the Fall Schedule for 2020.