I am excited to share with you a brand new series of practice classes and specialty workshops!

In the initial Reiki trainings you were introduced to a lot of new material, and for many of us it takes practice to really learn it, embody it, and execute it with ease.

Perhaps you are like many new students who find that questions bubble up after the initial training, when something comes up in a session or self treatment that you wonder about, and you would appreciate input from fellow practitioners or your teacher.

Maybe you just want to practice with someone who can give you informed feedback on your developing Reiki skills (friends tend to say variations on “that was really nice!”:), or you want to experiment with some of the higher level techniques and don’t want to “practice” on a client.

I have reflected so often on how Reiki training in the West is delivered in big chunk downloads of content (one intense day!), whereas training in Japan has been structured to be more on-going, which allows for learning through doing.

And too often, I hear fellow healers confess “oh, I learned Reiki years ago…but I don’t use it”.

Ouch! That hurts my heart. Reiki is too beautiful, too powerful, too profound to let it slip away.

So I have created a new opportunity for us to gather together to continue to learn, grow and deepen Reiki practice! ✨

This is not a classic Reiki share as the intention is to refresh and refine your skills with specific training and practical application in class together. It is also a valuable opportunity to get your questions answered, and learn from your community of peers.

🌟 What’s on the Agenda!

These classes are designed to be practical. I will have a prepared teaching that will focus on one facet of Reiki that we will practice together. After class I will provide you with home practice guides and a recording of class so that you can build a library of resource material. (As much as I love a classic Reiki “share” where practitioners simply share treatments, these classes are specifically designed to deepen your knowledge and skills.)

🌟 Here are the topics we will address:

  • How to initiate and structure a Reiki treatment for yourself – developing a routine you LOVE to do!
  • The role of Intention in your practice – the power of your focused mind.
  • The role of Intuition in your practice
  • How to structure a Reiki treatment for someone else
  • Reiki Sensations – what am I feeling?
  • Energy sensitivity practices

In every class, we will do a structured self practice that includes the Reiki Principles and a simple hand placement routine. The intention is to set us up for our time together, and to give you a routine that is easy to replicate in your own life.

There will always be time for Q&A.

  • What is happening in your practice?
  • What feels confusing?
  • What have you read or heard that you wonder about?

I will answer everything to the best of my ability, and refer you to resources to go deeper.

🌟 Logistics

Dates and Timing: Monday evenings 6:00 – 7:00 pm CST on the 1st and 3rd Monday each month, beginning on March 1, 2021. The every other week schedule allows you time to practice what we cover before absorbing the next layer. Specific dates for this series: March 1 and 15, April 5 and 19, May 3 and 17.

Location: We will meet together in a Zoom virtual classroom; you will receive a link when you register and all sessions will be recorded, so if you need to miss at the last minute, you will receive the recording.

Investment: The 6 class series is $120, payable via Venmo (Jeanne-Steen-2), Zelle QuickPay to jeannesteen@me.com, company “One Moon” or PayPal to jeannesteen@me.com

Class size minimum: 5 students registered.

❤️ Specialty Workshops ~ For Level 2 and 3 Students

These two hour Specialty Workshop classes are designed to explore using the advanced Reiki tools and techniques in sessions and in self-treatment.

These classes are designed to be focused and practical. We will focus on one topic and practice it together in class.

❤️ Reiki Distant Healing Sessions

Many students have reached out for guidance about how to structure a distant healing session. This will be the sole focus of this workshop, from client intake to follow up, including partnered practice to gain confidence and feedback. I will share my intake form, and follow up communication as models.

❤️ Reiki to Resolve Emotionally Charged Memories

Many of us are carrying memories that still trigger an emotional charge. Even if these events may not haunt our conscious mind with frequency, the imprint may contribute to present day behavior that limits us (our subconscious mind references our past pain to determine future behavior). Clearing these old memories with Reiki is very liberating. I will share a protocol for this technique and we will practice together, so come to class prepared to “let go”.



⚡️Reiki Distant Healing Sessions: Wednesday, March 10

⚡️Reiki to Resolve Emotionally Charged Memories: Wednesday, April 14

Time: 6:00 – 8:00 pm CST.

Location: We will meet together in a Zoom virtual classroom; you will receive a link when you register.

Investment: Each specialty workshop is $47 payable via Venmo (Jeanne-Steen-2), Zelle QuickPay to jeannesteen@me.com, company “One Moon” or PayPal.

All classes will be recorded for on-going reference.

Class size minimum: 4 students registered.

💫 Private Mentoring 💫

One on one individual training support is also available if you are interested in a focused opportunity to get your specific questions answered.


To book a private class, please reach out via email or phone/text (312-835-0821) and we will align our calendars. A Zoom link will be sent directly upon receipt of payment.

  • A half hour: $47
  • One hour: $90

These “Refresh and Refinements” practice classes are a new idea ⚡️ and I am excited to teach them. I have given a lot of thought to the initial curriculum and I have several other classes already in mind! And, they will evolve in response to your requests and needs.

Please reach out with your questions, and I look forward to seeing you in class!

Thank you for your on-going interest in growing with Reiki.

Together we contribute to peace in this world

All my best ❤️