So many clients reach out because they want to lose weight.
Physical weight👙

I can certainly help you with that, hypnotherapy and tapping are fabulous tools to break bad habits and install positive new ones – the key to successful, long-term weight management. But I am curious: have you thought about the other weight that you may be carrying?

The emotional weight.

This is the weight that blocks you from joy 🌈 from love ❤ , from money 💰…
And is likely to be at the root of why you are actually holding onto those stubborn extra pounds.😣

The feelings that are weighing on your heart…

💔 Sadness
💔 Disappointment
💔 Guilt
💔 Shame
💔 Unexpressed Anger

These feelings are heavy. Life can be hard. 😔

And even as you willpower your way forward, sometimes the emotional toll of painful experiences lingers. The loss of a relationship, a job, a loved one…

Maybe you have talked about it… but have you healed? ❤🩹

The most common phrase my clients say as we work together is: “I feel lighter… I feel like I have let go of a weight.” ✨ ✨

And, in addition to freeing them to experience more joy, more love and abundance, often, this is the trigger for actual, physical weight loss.

One client dropped 15 lbs shortly after we healed a relationship break up.

Our work wasn’t focused on weight loss, but as her self worth and energy increased ⚡ she naturally took better care of herself, and emotional eating become a thing of the past.

If this resonates with you, please reach out, and we’ll talk through how you can feel lighter on every level, body, mind, heart ❤ 😊