Perhaps you woke up this morning and felt as I did 💔 as the news of war exploded on your newsfeed.

Please know that I send you ❤

In response to world events, I have been hosting powerful collective healings, and you can, too!

These gatherings have been beautiful and uplifting ✨

Yet so many people reached out to let me know that they could only attend in spirit, as the timing wasn’t right for them. So I am making it easy, absolutely simple, for you to gather friends and host your own!

There are two easy options for you:

😊 In the gatherings I host, I lead a guided meditation. The exact transcript is attached. All you need to do is read it through. You can follow it as written, or use it as inspiration.
😊 I have also recorded the transcript as a guided meditation, and the download is attached;  so all you need to do is simply push “play.”

Gather your friends together and create collective magic ⚡ as you gather in peace, for peace in Ukraine and Russia.

My heartfelt thanks to:

❤ Fellow hypnotist Lori Hammond, who guided me through a meditation that I modeled part of this on.
❤ Lynne McTaggart, whose research underscores the power of collective intention (see her book, “The Power of 8”)
❤ Jonathan Goldman whose music, Reiki Chants, is the soundtrack Lynne McTaggart uses in her intention projects, so I added it to the recorded meditation (it’s beautiful and easily available via Amazon and elsewhere).
❤ YOU. For stepping up to gather together in peace, for peace, in Ukraine and Russia.

Please be in touch with any questions, as I am happy to assist you in creating these powerful group experiences.

Together, we can make a difference 🇺🇦 ✨ 🇷🇺

Here is the transcript! Feel free to use it verbatim or as a template for what you create. As I read the script out loud, I screen shared an image of the Independence Monument in Kyiv on my Zoom screen.

This is easy to host, it’s uplifting and it’s meaningful.

“Thank you all for gathering today… it’s so powerful to connect together …

I am going to lead us all through a guided meditation connecting us to peace… it’s loosely based on a practice I learned from another hypnotist, Lori Hammond, so my gratitude to her…and of course, Lynne McTaggart’s work confirming the power of collective intention to heal…

Initially, while inspired by Ukraine, my intent had been to gather and focus simply on world peace… but Lynne’s protocol underscores the importance of specificity when constructing an intention… so this morning will be focused on peace in Ukraine and Russia.

If that is not for you, it’s fine to focus on world peace, I am simply following her guidelines, honoring her expertise, and also responding to where the world is on fire.

So to begin, simply make yourself comfortable… you can be seated or lying down… and as you settle in… really tune into your body … and do whatever you need to do to increase your sense of comfort… release any tension in your shoulders… relax your face… release your jaw….

Let your breathing become gentle … more easy … and simply settle into this moment and now bring your hands to your heart… if you are a Reiki practitioner, initiate the flow of Reiki… Reiki enhances everything in the most wonderful ways… and today it will empower our collective intention …

Our intention for peace

Peace in the Ukraine… Peace in Russia.

And don’t worry if you don’t practice Reiki, it’s just an additive.

Every powerful group initiative begins with each one of us… begins with you … so we begin by gathering within ourselves the sensation of peace… so in your own mind… in your own way… let yourself be immersed in the feeling of peace… let your mind paint the picture of something… someone… someplace that creates the sensations of peace within you…

And as you simply rest into this moment

Feeling the Reiki pour through your hands

Feeling the sensation of peace rising up within you

Really feel into this connection to peace

I invite you to just imagine that you are breathing in light into your heart space

You are Inhaling light

And as you exhale your body is becoming infused with that light

Completely filled with light until you are actually glowing with light

Imagine if someone looked at you right now they would see that glow

As you inhale, drawing light inward into your heart

As you exhale, letting that energy fill you up inside

That light… that glow
Now we are going to connect our group energy

So I invite you to just think about one person who is here on the call with you today

Just imagine one person on this call as if you could just step into the room with that person

Perhaps someone that comes to mind that you noticed before, perhaps its a friend you know that has gathered with you today

Just step into their zoom room as if it was a real room and see that person glowing with light

Imagine you could send the light, the glow within you, like a beam from your heart to theirs

And see them receiving that light

See them transformed

Notice how their facial expression changes

Their posture changes

Their breathing changes as they realize… “I am here”

And it is good

And there is peace flowing within me, peace flowing within you, peace flowing within all of us

And imagine that you could just say to that person “I see you”… “And I am glad you are here”

“And I am here with you in peace, for peace” “Thank you”

Right now there are so many people gathered together on this call

And I would like you to imagine that everyone else has chosen you

And we are all standing there in the room with you, sending you light

Sending you love, sending you peace

Imagine we are all there… feel our presence in the room with you

Hear us say “I see you”… “I am glad you are here”

“I am here with you in peace, for peace” “Thank you”

And know that something amazing is about to happen

And now let’s turn our attention to sharing this peace with the people of Ukraine and Russia

Those of you who know the Reiki Distance protocol… please initiate the symbol sequence… (making the symbol once, and speaking the associated words 3x,)

And once again, if that is not you, don’t worry, we are generating plenty of power

Now imagine that we have formed a circle together, all of us, and are holding hands together …. in solidarity, … in common cause,… in love, … and in peace

Feel the connection… feel the support

And let’s focus together on a common intention: “Let the people in Ukraine and Russia live in peace, and let Ukraine retain its sovereignty”

“Let the people in Ukraine and Russia live in peace, and let Ukraine retain its sovereignty”

“Let the people in Ukraine and Russia live in peace, and let Ukraine retain its sovereignty”

And as these powerful words fill your mind, let them also fill your heart

And imagine that you can take this collective light of everyone gathered here together in this virtual room and send it like a beam into the heart of Ukraine and Russia…

Imagine right now that you could see them receiving that

Receiving this healing

Witness them

In this healed state

Feel the energy of peace through you, from you

Feel the transformational power of peace

Spreading love … spreading joy

Let your mind paint the picture of peace coming to the Ukraine and Russia

Feel the relief

See the celebrations in the homes …

See the celebrations in the streets

Hear the music… hear the laughter…

Feel the hugs… as families and friends gather together

Feel the collective exhale

And the rising energy of hope and possibility

“Let the people in Ukraine and Russia live in peace, and let Ukraine retain its sovereignty”

“Let the people in Ukraine and Russia live in peace, and let Ukraine retain its sovereignty”

“Let the people in Ukraine and Russia live in peace, and let Ukraine retain its sovereignty”

And for the next few minutes, let your mind paint the picture of the joy

See it happening All over the world

Hear the sounds in the streets

See the crowds with their arms raised celebrating

Hear the news broadcasts that are proclaiming peace

Feel this wave of Peace… flowing from our hearts across Ukraine and Russia

And spreading all over the world

As people unite in joy… in celebration… in peace

Gathering together in peace, for peace

“Let the people in Ukraine and Russia live in peace, and let Ukraine retain its sovereignty”

With that image embedded in your mind, embedded in your heart

We will spend a few minutes letting peace flow

From this collective gathering

Holding a powerful intention

Gathering in peace, for peace

Peace in Ukraine, Peace in Russia

That image in your mind is so clear

See the people… celebrating joyously

Hugging one another

Feel the relief, the exhale of the whole world

Feel the energy within you… full of peace, full of love

And now bringing your hands to a sense of openness

Feel gratitude, an internal thank you

For this incredible magic that just took place

And then think to yourself

Something amazing is happening

And when you are ready you can go ahead and simply lower your hands and open your eyes and if you want to stretch a little bit just to come fully back into this moment feel free to do so

And I thank you, I thank you from my whole heart, for what you have done together today.